Sugar GlobeInteractive

Interactive web page, print design and sugar installation for Suedzucker.

The campaign was made for White & Brown Sugar Cubes product, and included an
interactive web page (http://www.suedzucker.md/zaharbucati), where everyone can play with the Sugar Globe,
rotating it and see info about the products.

Marketing Manager: Liliana Enachi
Art Directors: Eugen Catruc, Constantin Sarcov
Copywriter: Constantin Sarcov
Producer: Cristina Cornileac
Photographer: Beauty & the Beast Studio
Lettering Artist: Constantine Dobrovolsky
Craft artist: Olga Cebanu
Developer: Alex Bumbu

May 2014
Bronze / KIAF / 2015
Interactive / Photography / Craft
Zahar Cinci Inimioare