ChallengerCorner Posters


Challenger is a program aimed at seeking, motivating and training future
leaders from among students. The program provides lessons and exercises
designed to teach skilled students how to solve their own problems and those
of the collective in a wise and effective manner.


How about avoiding places specially designed for advertising, and finding
new ones for promotion? After all, it’s a program designed for those who
like challenges. Eventually, we placed special posters over various corners,
in universities and campuses, and around places where students gather informally.

The messages wrote:
“Student today / Leader tomorrow”,
“Causing problems today /Solving problems tomorrow”.

The posters also linked to a website where one could
find more details about the project.


The posters instantly stood out, resulting in all program slots being taken
ahead of schedule.

Art Directors: Constantin Sarcov, Eugen Catruc
Copywriter: Constantin Sarcov
Account Manager: Cristina Cornileac

Poster / Advertising
May 2014
Finalist / AdStars / South Korea / 2014
National Democratic Institute